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Rune Casting Reading

Are you drawn to the Runes? Would you like to learn more about them and invite them into your life? Are you curious about the mystical beings of the North and Nordic traditions? 


Did you know that the word ‘rune’ can be translated to ‘whisper’? Working with the runes is a potent practice in listening and learning to befriend silence. The runes are not merely tools of divination but in fact representations of beings. A collection of ancient beings who have been in existence since the beginning of time. Over the centuries, our understanding of the runes has shifted and evolved- but whispers of their truth remain. 


Chloe has been working closely with the runes for several years and they have quite simply changed her life. Similar to earth and nature, they hold an impersonality, that lends to the power of their work. They are not attached to who you are or what you feel or don’t feel about or towards them. They will be who they are here to be and offer the wisdom that they unmistakably know. This is one of the reasons why working with them is so impactful. 


A Rune Casting Reading is a powerful and intimate experience with Chloe. Together, through ceremony, you will cast your wheel for the year (12 months from the date of meeting) and explore themes and patterns that reveal themselves. You will receive your wheel to work with and Chloe will share messages from your guides and the runes themselves. Chloe will also offer suggestions (reading, material, research) when necessary that can help you in your 1-year journey with the runes.


These readings were previously only offered 1 x per year on Instagram and would quickly sell out. Chloe is so excited to offer them a permanent spot on her website and share their magick with more people. 


*There is no pre-requisite necessary for this offering. Come as you are with any wisdom about the runes whether you are brand new to them or have walked with them for a lifetime

USD $600 for 1 hour with Chloe (includes your wheel for the year [12 months] and additional notes to set you up with the runes

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