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Mystic Passage Distance Reading

The healing includes: rune & reiki wisdom, psychic and mediumship messages, past, present, and future life healing, and animal/nature spirit messages. Each session is unique to the person and these are some examples of what comes forward during the journey.

The readings are usually around 15-20 minutes long, and are jam-packed with messages, guidance, healing and support.

People are blown away with how much they receive for the price and Chloe’s intention is to really give you a beautiful and powerful experience with readings. Chloe opens up space for these readings when she feels called, so that she isn’t booked months in advance.

Here’s how they work: Once you’ve filled out the form below, you can purchase a reading. Chloe will receive your questions and information, and within 7 business days of  ordering and confirming with payment, you will receive your reading as a voice recording by email, answering all of your questions and including any additional insight she receives for you.

USD $250.00 (Covers 5 questions and recording is 20 (+/-) minutes long)

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