Horse Medicine - Meet The Herd

As far back as I can remember, horses have been sacred to me. Born in Calgary, during the infamous rodeo, Calgary Stampede, horses were destined to be in my life.

In June of 2023 we finally closed on our home in the countryside of Texas and within 2 weeks of landing, our 2 horses Stevie, Raziel, and their best-buddy Skunk the pig joined us. I believe that our animals are leading us and most of the time, they know more about what is coming than we do. Watch the video below to learn more about my story with horses:

Meet The Herd


Raziel is the head of the herd and he also is my heart horse. He’s around 3 years old. He came us as ‘Pete’, but very quickly made it clear that he was ready to step into his power and reclaim a new name. Raziel means ‘Angel of Secrets’ or ‘Angel of Mysteries’… which speaks to his medicine. Raziel is equal parts sensitive and strong. He is a powerful force and leader in the herd and he leads with love and vigilance. Raziel values balance and safety and is very good at honouring exchanges (giving and receiving). His medicine leads in owning and honouring our sensitivity and our gifts and also learning how to step into new leadership. Raziel is the physical healer of our herd and as a sky / earth horse (1 blue eye, 1 brown), you can feel his physical and spiritual power and presence.

Meet The Herd


Stevie is the lead mare of our herd and is also the youngest (2 yrs old). She is a grey Arabian and she carries the wisdom and ancestry of the oldest horse bloodline. We call her part fairy, part witch… she has a very mystical and magical energy to her. Stevie is a clear channel, never doubts herself, and moves with confidence. She leaves no space for questions, you get what you see with Stevie. Although she looks young, when you are with her, it’s difficult to believe that she is 2, because of how solid, clear and wise she feels. If Stevie feels called to be a part of something, she will be. Her medicine comes through fast and sweet. She holds the feminine of the herd with delicate mastery. Her other medicine is around resilience as she came to us from a rescue who found her at auction with a fractured leg.

Meet The Herd


Dreamer came to us in December 2023 from a traumatic situation at auction. It was only recently that I was able to find out more about his story and fill in some gaps. Dreamer is 3.5 years old (born on July 7th, 2020) but has the essence of an old soul within him. He is a true medicine hat horse, with the unique markings of the horse legends (and 2 blue eyes). Dreamer holds a sweet and gentle side, but he is also spicy, spunky and curious. Dreamer tends to lead most of the play in the herd and the word ‘spirited’ fits him well. Dreamer’s medicine is deep; he brings the essence of home or looking for home, family, abandonment, neglect and ultimately healing the heart. In learning to trust and find his place- he offers that healing for those that meet him. Dreamer obviously also carries deep ancestral magic and wisdom in his blood.

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I strongly believe that the horses call us in and it’s simply up to us to answer. So, beyond the perhaps annoying statement that you’ll know if you feel them… here is your sign to explore horse medicine today.

    Modern witchery paired with ancient threads of the past to redefine and reconnect our relationship to hidden magic.