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Chloe's Journey With Horse Medicine

As far back as I can remember, horses have been sacred to me. Born in Calgary, during the infamous rodeo, Calgary Stampede, horses were destined to be in my life.

In June of 2023 we finally closed on our home in the countryside of Texas and within 2 weeks of landing, our 2 horses Stevie, Raziel, and their best-buddy Skunk the pig joined us. I believe that our animals are leading us and most of the time, they know more about what is coming than we do. Now it’s time to share the gift the horses offer us.

Channeled by Chloe Offerings

How Chloe Shares Her Gifts

1:1 Mentoring

Chloe has been working 1:1 with clients since 2013 and has mentored over 120 people in this intimate setting. Chloe holds space for every area of life, offering guidance, support and healing as you walk together, side by side.

Horse Medicine Readings

I strongly believe that the horses call us in and it’s simply up to us to answer. So, beyond the perhaps annoying statement that you’ll know if you feel them… here are some ‘reasons’ why a Horse Medicine Reading might be for you.

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Explore the different ways that you can deepen through classes, workshops, and magical products. All products are ritually created – and every step is made with intention. Visit our shop page to explore our horse-inspired products.

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Night Wing Goods

Modern witchery products paired with ancient threads of the past to redefine and reconnect our relationship to hidden magic.

Organic, Sustainably harvested, local when possible. All products are ritually created- and every step is made with intention (labels, harvesting ingredients, writing and production). Everything is made locally in Austin, TX.

Dive Into Darkness

Buy Your Copy Of Revealed By Darkness

Buy your copy now and begin your journey of leaning into the dark and diving into the pages of Chloe’s celebrated memoir, Revealed by Darkness

In telling a different story about the dark, Chloe invites the reader to examine their own imbalanced relationship with darkness and intuition. A coming of age story about a girl who learns to claim her power and her voice by befriending the dark. It is courageously vulnerable, honest, and raw. You will find yourself, and your memories in the pages of this book.

Night Wing Goods Meets The Herd

Horse Medicine Candles


Blending together delicate feminine beauty with fierce independence and a solid sense of self. Stevie will show you your worthiness and how to hold your inner wisdom.


Are you ready to summon your power and manifest the life of your dreams? Raziel invites you to own your beauty, your leadership, and your gifts.


Do you crave a community that sees you and supports you to radiate your gifts out into the world? Dreamer will shine a light on your authentic self.

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    Modern witchery paired with ancient threads of the past to redefine and reconnect our relationship to hidden magic.