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Psychic Medium Readings

Are you ready to hear the truth? Are you feeling stuck or lost in life and need to zoom out and understand more of what is happening, and why? Chloe’s Psychic Medium readings are powerful and potent ways to deepen your understanding and connection with yourself. These are 60-minute sessions that include energy healing, psychic and mediumship messages, and guidance. Chloe describes these readings as journeys, in the way that they unfold.

Every reading starts with 10-15 minutes of energy clearing that Chloe does before you connect on a call. When the reading begins, Chloe connects to your guides, ancestors and spirit team and follows their lead in what is present for you in the moment. At first, it can sometimes seem like you are jumping around from subject to subject, but it is truly magical to witness how everything connects as the reading comes to an end. It is almost as if you are working with a treasure, and the deepest truth that you are looking for is the treasure that is revealed. You will always have a lot of space to ask Chloe any questions that you have, and receive clarity and confirmation on what you looking for

Chloe is very loving, tender, and supportive in these readings, and she is also bringing forward the essence of truth. She will never hide what is being shared. Her belief is that in the intentional space that she sets, everything that comes through is for you to hear. The amazing part of these readings is that as you are talking and listening, Chloe is also transmitting powerful healing energy, which will continue to integrate during and after your reading. Everything that is spoken about, is spoken about through the lens of healing and support. These readings are an amazing way for you to connect to your spirit team, and to open that door for continued communication.

USD $500 (60-minute session over Zoom)

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