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Spellcaster Session

Sometimes we need some assistance from the spirit world, and our desires require some deep spiritual work. One of Chloe’s favourite tools to work with is candle magick and spellcasting. This offering came to be, when Chloe began to include candle magick in the Psychic Soul Journeys. They deepened the journeys and brought another powerful element to them, and the SpellCaster Session was born. This is a more comprehensive and magical experience to have, where you enjoy various elements with Chloe.

This session begins with a 30-minute psychic reading with Chloe, where you get to share what you are experiencing and looking for support in. From there, Chloe designs a unique spell just for you, based on your needs and desires, executes it, records it and sends you all of the information. If you have been curious about spell work, this is a powerful way to experience the impact. You will receive photo and video footage of the spell in its various stages, as well as instructions on how to conduct the spell, and what the psychic reading is of the spell and its effects. This is a great session for clearing and releasing (setting boundaries, protection) as well as manifestation and creating.

Some examples of what people have asked for support in is manifesting a new house to buy, clearing childhood trauma, healing from sexual abuse, manifesting a new client, and banishing fraudulent activity, and protecting an online business. Once Chloe knows the type of spell to create for you, she will choose the number and colour of chime candles, fix them (inscribe words, symbols, and sigils), anoint them and set them up with supporting elements (crystals, tea light candles, string/yarn, other flowers) and begin the spell. Chloe also uses special spell intention paper that is also intentionally selected for you based on what you are looking for (colour, style of paper).

USD $588.00 (30-minute session over Zoom + Spell + Email)

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