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The Passage Package (Psychic Soul Journey + Psychic Medium Reading)

The Passage Package is designed for people who are looking for a full soul revamp. This is an extremely dynamic energetic package. Sometimes, in order to go in, we need to clear the way and begin with powerful healing. This is what the Passage Package is all about. Chloe works directly with your guides, ancestors and divine support team to connect you with them and create a channel of communication.

It begins with a 60 minute psychic soul journey where you experience the past, present and future lifetime healing. Chloe sets the healing energy to continue running throughout the week, to allow proper integration, and to really support you in what you are experiencing. From there, you will book your Psychic Medium reading (at least 1 week apart from the Psychic Soul Journey). After your Psychic Soul Journey, you will receive an email from Chloe with a comprehensive reflection of everything that she saw, witnessed and felt throughout your journey. This will include past life experiences and the connections to this lifetime, messages from loved ones, chakra clearing and healing and rune and reiki healing. This email is oftentimes referred to as ‘another session’, in terms of how much you get. At least one week later you will meet with Chloe for your 60 minute Psychic Medium reading. This is when you get to go deeper into every aspect, ask Chloe questions and receive whatever guidance, support, healing and wisdom is coming through for you.

You will leave this session feeling open, cleared, supported, and loved. You will always have space to ask Chloe questions and receive the clarity that you are looking for.

USD $900.00 (2 x 60 minute sessions over Zoom + Email)

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