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1:1 Mentoring

Chloe has been working 1:1 with clients since 2013 and has mentored over 120 people in this intimate setting. She is very good at what she does and is unlike any other intuitive coach, therapist, or healer. Chloe holds space for every area of life, offering guidance, support and healing as you walk together, side by side. People have experienced incredible life changes and transformations from this work with Chloe, and they have also been able to meet, walkthrough and confront extremely challenging moments with Chloe’s support.

The intention of this work is to bring you into the deepest roots of yourself and to discover your unique magic. People who are drawn to Chloe tend to have incredible gifts hidden inside themselves and part of the journey is to uncover, heal and open so that you can be who you are here to be

Walking with the wild mystery of life is by far my favourite thing to do. My 1:1 Mentoring is my most intimate offering. This is a space that I create for the leaders and healers of the world who need a safe landing place. A place to come and safely navigate the deep waters of your life. I have been working with people in this space for over 10 years and I am deeply skilled at listening, holding and supporting. In most of my work I follow an agenda-free approach, which I believe really allows the energies to show up in the way that they need to. Throughout my 10+ years of experience, I have learned and practiced many ways of connecting to and supporting others in tender spaces of healing, trauma, and change. There are not a lot of spaces out there where you can really come and feel held without judgment or agenda. It takes a certain level of experience and wisdom to show up with someone without a plan or a desire to control- and yet to still create an exquisite level of safety, structure, and love. Working with me in this way will provide you with many layers of support, healing, and inspiration. For the time that we are working together you will have me in your corner and circle- and when the time comes for our work to complete it will end with deep love, surrender, and celebration. I always say that working in this way with me will guarantee transformation in your life, in one or many ways.

People don’t come to me to manifest six figures or to create the most lucrative online content. They don’t come to me to meet the love of their lives or to become the next NY Times Best Seller. They come to me to hear the truth. They come to me to grow and deepen. It’s not that these big creations won’t happen, because they likely will. However, it will not be the focus or the ‘why’ of our work together.

They come to me to take a breath and step away from a world that is obsessed with success, ease, and light- to explore hidden spaces without an agenda. There is no time guarantee, or any guarantee at all. I’m not here to fix you or make you better. I’m here to sit with you and invite you to sit with yourself. To ask you the questions that others aren’t asking. To show you what others aren’t seeing. To walk with you in areas where others aren’t walking.

Working with me isn’t about a destination. It’s about the journey and who you are with yourself through that.

(4 x 60 minute sessions over Zoom monthly)

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