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Psychic Soul Journey

Are you curious about past-lives? Are you looking for a deep soul healing session? Psychic Soul Journeys involve past, present and future life healing. Together, we go on a journey to explore what is present for you in this very moment and how the past and the future have an influence and a connection to who you are and where you are in this moment. These sessions offer a lot of information, an opportunity to slow-down and connect with yourself, and are a powerful way to receive healing. They resemble a shamanic journey in many ways, as Chloe connects to your soul and your soul team and allows them to take her on a journey to witness and work with what is coming forward for you to be healed.

Chloe is the channel of this session, and every journey is slightly unique in terms of what she brings into the session, and how the energy shows up. Every session includes, a 10-15 minute intro call over Zoom followed by the 45 minute distance healing session. You will receive an email within 24-48 hours after your session, where Chloe shares everything that came forward and that you need to know. In many ways, the email serves as a second session, where you receive all of the information in terms of what came through, what Chloe saw and what was healed and released.

The healing includes: rune & reiki wisdom, psychic and mediumship messages, past, present, and future life healing, and animal/nature spirit messages. Each session is unique to the person and these are some examples of what comes forward during the journey.

USD $450 (60-minute session over Zoom + Email)

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