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Transition Sessions

Are you walking with a transition in your life? Is there an ending that is occurring…a death, a change or an initiation? Endings are such sacred parts of life and the more that we can meet them, the greater their gifts can become. As a deathworker, my role in this offering is to hold a sacred and safe space for you, so that you can really lean into this experience. Nothing calls us into truth the way that death does. I am a firm believer of the magic of death medicine and I also know that we are not meant to walk with death or grief alone. Humans are community-based beings and having the support of someone safe when you are at your most tender is not only helpful, it’s needed. The transition sessions are agenda-free and follow the lead of where you are and what you need. Depending on what presents itself in our time together, I will lead you through different practices and rituals to support you in meeting your grief. These are really beautiful, deep and impactful sessions. There is no ending that I am not willing to sit with you in. An ending can be physical, emotional and/or spiritual, and sometimes it as all at once.

‘Transitions’ may include: death of a loved one, death of an animal, preparing for a death, unprocessed grief, change in life circumstance (relationship, home, job), land grief (ecological), wildlife grief

Price: 1 Session - USD $300
Package of 3 Sessions - USD $750


*I am a Deathworker and completed a 7-month Deathworker training held by Binyamina Aisha

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