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Horse Medicine Readings

Horses are naturally attuned to the present moment because they are animals of prey and because of their herd-bound nature. To stay safe they must stay connected to each other and their environment. To remain present, they must be in their physical bodies. Horses will always respond directly to whatever energy is in their space and they are impeccable stewards of maintaining a clear energetic space around them. Because safety is so important for horses, they become incredible teachers of creating safety in the body and learning to trust. As animals of prey, they cannot get ‘stuck’ in fear or attached to a situation. In a herd, you will observe other horses checking each other through different forms of energetic and physical communication- as a way of keeping each other accountable and staying present. Horses are always paying attention to their herd members and are in tune to their heart rates; again, as a form of safety and cohesion.

The other part that I feel called to share about horses is the unexplainable part; their magic. Beyond the neuroscience, there is the simple magic that occurs when you share space with a horse. When you feel invited or welcomed into their space. It not only feels like a deep honour, but it also feels like you might have something special about you, that they also see and witness. Horses have been revered for millennia, and as far back as we can go- horses have been there with us. Beyond the conscious, physical brain of the horse- there is the intuitive, mystical piece that so many of us are drawn to. Spending time with horses allows us to believe in something deeper, older, and wiser. They are magic.

When it comes to healing, horses are potent teachers and healers. There are many layers of how they can offer us wisdom, clarity, and healing. Some of these layers include:

  • observing/interpreting herd dynamics
  • individual horse medicine and story
  • intuitive observation of the space
  • individual horse interaction (clearing energy, releasing energies, healing/recalibrating systems)
  • horse consciousness downloads and channeling

In the Horse Medicine Readings, I will enter the herd space with your energy and holding your intentions within my heart. As I begin, I will press record and video the entire interaction from start to end of my time with the herd and with the land. Again, because horses are present and so in-tune with their space, they will immediately respond to any new energies that enter their space. To begin I will simply record the interaction, without speaking, allowing you to observe it as if you were here in person. I will follow my guidance around where to go, who to go to, and how far or close I feel called to stand. When I sense a completion of the interaction, I will pause the video and give you the opportunity to sit in your intuitive observation. The video will then continue with some of my observations, intuitive downloads, and thoughts of what I observed in the session for you. You will receive a document by email with some prompts to support your integration and you will have up to 2 weeks to ask questions or share any of what came up for you.

I strongly believe that the horses call us in and it’s simply up to us to answer. So, beyond the perhaps annoying statement that you’ll know if you feel them… here are some ‘reasons’ why a Horse Medicine Reading might be for you:

  • Developing your intuition/intuitive gifts
  • Facing a conflict/dilemma in your life and need guidance on how to move forward
  • Feeling stuck or lost Desire to deepen your relationship with horses
  • Develop animal communication skills
  • Healing relationship trauma/wounds
  • Need support in clearing/releasing

+ video recording (15-25 minutes long) of time with the herd
+ prompts to support processing & reflection
+ reading from Chloe of what is observed and offered by the herd
+ opportunity to ask Chloe questions about the reading within 2 weeks of receiving your video

USD $250

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Three magical horses make up the herd.

I strongly believe that the horses call us in and it’s simply up to us to answer. So, beyond the perhaps annoying statement that you’ll know if you feel them… here is your sign to explore horse medicine today.

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