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Horse Medicine In Person

If you are local to Texas or are visiting the area, you are welcome to book an In Person session with the herd and myself. There is nothing quite like being in person with the herd and connecting to the land and its creatures. We are located in Bastrop County, TX (I will share location details after booking). The in-person sessions are around 2 hours and will include guided connection time with the herd in their paddock.

We will always start the in-person sessions outside of the paddock, grounding our energy and connecting to intention and presence. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect to horses in a safe and guided way and to experience their medicine when they are free to choose how they participate with us. You do not need to have any horse experience for this offering- just an open heart and mind.

Horse Medicine In Person Session

Book your session below and Chloe will be in touch to schedule your visit

USD $400

Horse Medicine In Person Package

This is the perfect option if you know that you would like to dive deep with the herd and have the opportunity to really connect with them over time. These 3 sessions have to be used within a year.

Book your session below and Chloe will be in touch to schedule your visit

USD $1100

Kind Words From Clients

"I had the pleasure of working with Chloe and her herd while I was visiting Austin and the magic that came out of that container was so beautiful. Chloe has a way of using her own intuition and connecting you with all of the things (the magic of the individual horse and the herd as a collective) and really helping you understand herd dynamics. The way that she is able to explain how to enter the space, what the horses are experiencing and how to approach it as first an observation of them versus coming into their space with your own intentions. That process (hearing about it, witnessing it, experiencing it) was magical for me. If you are thinking about working with horses and the medicine that they bring to a healing container, whatever it is that you are wanting to work on, I could not recommend Chloe and her herd more."
Joannie Dhillon

"I recently had the extraordinary opportunity to experience a horse medicine session @ Three Spirit Ranch that was nothing short of transformative. As soon as I entered the tranquil setting - a profound sense of calm enveloped me, connecting me to the beautiful land and energy around me. My horse medicine session started before I even entered the herd’s corral. When I entered the space of the herd, instantly they began responding to my presence. Not being a master horsewoman I wasn’t sure of what to expect, especially around safety with these gorgeous animals. Chloe, the human facilitator of the herd, put me at ease immediately and I felt completely safe.

Every horse provided insights that touched the very core of my being. Surprisingly bringing my emotions and tears to the surface. I received many messages that were exactly what my soul was seeking. The presence of the horses was incredibly powerful—they communicated in a subtle yet impactful way, offering comfort and wisdom through our syncing up. Chloe’s expertise added a layer of depth to my experience, blending spiritual guidance, and interpretations with emotional support, making my time with the herd both nurturing and spiritually expansive. It may sound strange but I felt the connections with the herd long after I left the ranch. And I actually continued to experience the clearings by them 3 days afterwards. It deepened my connection to my body and brought me a new level of stillness I needed so I could dive into their wisdom and apply it in my life. I walked away feeling connected in a more profound way - to myself, to my own herd (family) and to the earth. I am deeply thankful to Chloe, Raz, Stevie & Dreamer for this powerful horse medicine journey. I strongly recommend it to anyone drawn to exploring profound energy communication and/or if you’re seeking the next level of spiritual growth. The wisdom imparted by these majestic creatures is a precious gift I know will continue to inspire and heal me."

Lynnette Brown

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Three magical horses make up the herd.

I strongly believe that the horses call us in and it’s simply up to us to answer. So, beyond the perhaps annoying statement that you’ll know if you feel them… here is your sign to explore horse medicine today.

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