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The Conjurers Workshop Series

As the wheel turns and we enter the dark season of the year, the need for your magic and connection to other realms rises. This year has been all about becoming exposed. Exposing truths, crashing through illusions, and penetrating deeper layers of collective healing. It is no longer enough to stay on the surface and coast. It is no longer enough to stay in shame and keep those parts of yourself in hiding. It’s time to share your secrets. It’s time to expose yourself. You are magical. You have a history of being hurt, criticized, and judged for who you are. For your magic. For what makes you different. You’ve been shamed for your gifts. You’ve been ostracized for your truths. Our world needs you; all of you. It is time to claim your center. To remember your magic. To immerse yourself in the world that calls you. To confront your fears. To play. To experience joy and pleasure. And to speak up. To share. To share your secrets. To purge your shame. It is time to conjure.

Themes of focus

– Healing the witch wound
– Standing in your power and speaking your truth
– Holding your ground
– Past-life healing
– Embracing the winter season
– Ancestry
– Truth and expression
– Storytelling
– Redefining ‘Dark Magic’
– Divine pleasure and sexual expression
– Sovereignty as the path to your magic
– Sexuality, manifestation & creation
– Confronting our fears of magic and breaking down the conditioned walls that keep us        from our magic

Exercises and rituals included

– Spell work
– Shadow and dark work
– The runes
– Mediumship and ancestry work
– Inner child healing and connection
– Dance, music, and intuitive movement

You are a conjurer. It’s time to stop hiding it and denying it. You have the power to create; we all do. In so many areas of life, we get to choose. It’s time to look at yourself, and your life, and acknowledge where you are creating. Are you willing to hold opposing forces in your hands- what you want and what you don’t want? Are you willing to claim your space and own your creations? Only then can you truly create the space for what you truly want. To conjure is to participate in an exchange- a give and take. Everything in life requires an exchange. So what are you exchanging? What you are giving and what you are receiving?

– What do you want?
– What do you desire?
– What life do you want to live?
– What world do you want to live  in?
– What friendships do you want to have?
– What relationships do you want to have?
– What do you crave? And what do you need to let go of and change, in order to allow that in?
– How do you want to feel with others?
– How do you want others to feel with you?

The wheel is turning and with winter comes darkness and with darkness comes a different type of magic. This is the time to go within and look at what you hold inside of you. We are going to look at all of these spaces, through the lens of magic and your power. You are a storyteller, and you get to tell your story. Let’s dive in.


– Starting on Thursday, September 16th and ends on Thursday, November 4th, 10AM-Noon CST
– 8 weeks, weekly 90-minute classes
– Classes held on zoom
– All classes will be recorded, if you are not able to make a class – you will always have the  recording
– 12 spots available

Price Includes

– 8 x 90-minute long classes
– All content mentioned above
– Access to the private Facebook group
– Access to Chloe between classes by email to ask questions
– Bonus content shared on the Facebook group

Price: Sales Currently Closed – Next Start Date TBA

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