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Psychic Circle Group Mentoring

This is unlike anything Chloe has offered before. After teaching many group classes and workshops, Chloe realised how powerful it could be to offer Group Mentoring. Group work continues to blow Chloe away. When you bring a group of people together from a space of consciousness and intention, the energy that is conjured and who actually shows up is pretty incredible. Group work is so powerful because it is like sitting in a house of mirrors. You get to see the different parts of you in others. You get to witness your fears, beliefs, unconscious thoughts and attachments. Through the lens of healing, it is such a dynamic experience that is limitless in terms of what it can offer you.

Chloe is such a natural teacher and space holder, and one of her intuitive gifts is that she is a natural clearer. When she holds space for others, they immediately feel safe and held to open up and step into vulnerability. When our vulnerability is witnessed by others, it deepens the healing that we experience. We are seen. We are heard. We are challenged.

There is a maximum of 12 spots open, and once it is filled, you can be added to the waitlist for the next round. Themes that will be explored are intuition, psychic gifts, fears, the dark, shadow work, belief systems, trauma healing, relationships, ancestral healing and more. This will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Each session is 90 minutes long, and will include group work, breakout sessions, partner work and individual practices. You will learn how to do and practice individul and group psychic readings, mediumship readings, and other forms of offering intuitive guidance (e.g., psychometry, spell casting).


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